Tourism & Travel

South African Tourism Campaign (NL)

Cinematography by Marnus Tredoux for Tafelberg Films

Marnus Tredoux and his crew traveled the country with good friend and acclaimed director/writer Gideon van Eeden to create 12 short clips documenting some of our local heroes. An inspirational project that reminds us of how awesome our country really is! They also had the privilege of riding on the backs of African elephants on a two hour sunrise safari! How could you not love this job?

On Safari With Jaap
Conservation with Henk
Cooking with Thekla
Wildlife and Safari with David

Corporate Promotion

Internet video distribution has seen an exponential rise in Corporate video promotion. Not only do you have your onw websites to host your promotional material, but there are many well integrated networking applications allowing you to target a specific demographic with virtually zero effort. This means that every company can have a video clip to tell the world about their product/services. The importance and ease of modern film cannot be ignored as a massive tool in modern business.

These are some of the clips we’ve made for companies:

The Making of the World Luxury Hotel Awards Statuette
Coco’s Outback Sports Pub (Amsterdam) - With Gideon van Eeden (Tafelberg Films)


One Champion

Nano Bubble Technologies
The Pepper Club (Television Advert)

Air Namibia Corporate Coming Soon! **

Lourensford Wine Estate Corporate Coming Soon! **