Who Are We?

Marnus Tredoux is the chief film maker at Magic Hour Weddings. He’s a smart guy with a great eye for AWESOME! Not to get lyrical about his achievements, but he has won numerous awards for film making. Marnus has made all kinds of films from movies, television productions, music videos corporate videos to event videos. But the bottom line is this, he captures the greatness of awesome people doing awesome things. We are what we do, and sometimes its nice to see it for ourselves.

Magic Hour Weddings is our special brand of wedding film. Its a happy-go-lucky romantic portrait. Its fun, slick and polished. We like to leave our viewers with a good vibe. It is different and fresh, like a running outside on a spring morning when you just got out the shower!

You could try that, or watch one of our videos. It’s really up to you!

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Down to Business: How we operate

Magic Hour offers various packages for the filming of your wedding day. All of them are fully comprehensive and include filming of everything, prep to party.

A typical shooting day would start around 14:00 and continue until about 22:00. But we are flexible! Simply let us know what your schedule is for the day and we’ll put together a package that covers it!

We usually start by filming the preparation leading up to the ceremony. In the case of a two camera shoot, the one camera would typically follow the bride through the make-up, hair and pre wedding portrait session and finally to the church.

The second camera follows the groom and his groomsmen as they prepare and get dressed and then finally to the ceremony venue. At this point, the second camera will be filming as the guests arrive and the groom and his men wait for the bride to arrive.

The ceremony is then filmed in its entirety with two cameras covering the walk down the aisle and exchange of vowes, rings and also the signing of the register. This is usually followed by a rather exciting confetti throwing session!

At this point the guests go to the reception venue for pre-drinks and the bridal couple go with the photographer to their photo session. This makes for some of the most beautiful shots of the day. One camera follows here and the other films the guests at the pre-drinks. The camera at the reception venue/pre-drinks will also film the tables and detail shots before the guests enter (if possiible).

After the photo session the bridal couple makes a big entrance at the reception venue, one camera following them from the photo session and the other already set up at the reception venue straight after the pre drinks.

The speeches are filmed with two cameras. One camera films the speaker, the other films reactions. We like to present this in split screen on the final DVD. In other words, you see both speaker and reaction at the same time. Obviously, it is your choice whether you would like to have it split screen or not.

After speeches, dinner is served. We film the food as it comes out, or the buffet table if relevant. We also take shots of the guests socializing between courses and décor and detail shots at this point (cake/gifts/décor/tables/stationary).

When everyone has finished eating and the first dance happens, we film the first dance with both cameras. We then continue to film some dancing shots and party shots. We end the night off, usually, with shots of the throwing of the garter and the bouquet and the cutting of the cake.

The Cinematic Wedding Experience

We pride ourselves in creating a cinematic montage that conveys an expression. An expression of the events of your day in an emotional and energetic way. No slow pans and locked off static shots. We’d rather guide you through your day in fluent motion and uninterrupted exhilaration. Of course we cover the basics, we have the coverage to detail your entire day, but we specialize in creating a film that you will want to watch a million times over. To best explain we don’t need words, have a look at the videos below!

Some Other Work We’ve Done

Here is some insight to what its like on set with Magic Hour Productions. I have to say that my crew is the best ensamble of people and working with them is an honour and a bucketload of fun!

Magic Hour Events, being a sister company to Magic Hour Productions, has produced various types of clips for companies both Private and Governmental. See the clip below to see what we’re all about:

More Technical Stuff: Our Equipment

We use the latest and best in DSLR technology.

We use Canon 5D MkII’s for our shoots. This means that:

  1. we always get the best exposure without ruining your atmosphere.

  2. our films look more like movies than event videos of the “olden” days

  3. we guide the viewer, through focus play, to experience the film and its full artistry

  4. we are extremely mobile and unobtrusive - almost like ninjas!

We use Final Cut Pro on top of the line Mac Pro edit suites.

Not only do we have the machines and the software (properly licensed), but we also have all the extras like broadcast monitors and HD video cards. This may seem like it should go without saying, but be assured that there are very few, if any, other companies that walk this extra mile. What this means is:

  1. we can perform advanced colour manipulation because we have properly calibrated broadcast spec HD monitors. (ever wondered why international movies look different to local ones?)

  2. we render your videos using top of the line hardware peripherals that ultimately improve the quality of your picture as well as the efficiency of our work. Basically, you get your video quicker and it looks better!

  3. When you consider the pride we take in delivering the absolute best using the absolute latest (and top of the line) technology, you should know you’re dealing with the right company!