Marnus Tredoux is the chief film maker at Magic Hour Weddings. He’s a smart guy with a great eye for AWESOME! Not to get lyrical about his achievements, but he has won numerous awards for film making. Marnus has made all kinds of films from movies, television productions, music videos corporate videos to event videos. But the bottom line is this, he captures the greatness of awesome people doing awesome things. We are what we do, and sometimes its nice to see it for ourselves.

Magic Hour Weddings is our special brand of wedding film. Its a happy-go-lucky romantic portrait. Its fun, slick and polished. We like to leave our viewers with a good vibe.

We pride ourselves in creating a cinematic montage that conveys an expression. An expression of the events of your day in an emotional and energetic way. No slow pans and locked off static shots. We’d rather guide you through your day in fluent motion and uninterrupted exhilaration. Of course we cover the basics, we have the coverage to detail your entire day, but we specialize in creating a film that you will want to watch a million times over. To best explain we don’t need words, have a look at the videos below!